The Colony Youth Baseball Association

Draft Process F.A.Q.

TCYBA will be implementing a new draft process in Spring 2018. You may or may not be familiar with the draft concept and you may not understand the process. Hopefully this will help answer some questions.

  • Why  the draft?
    • Many of you who have played in TCYBA for years may be concerned about the draft process. We had a draft several years ago and in recent years we have been allowed to secure up to 12 roster spots.
    • The City of The Colony requires us to be governed by a greater organization. (USSSA, Little League, Cal Ripken etc.). TCYBA has decided to follow USSSA rules, and according to USSSA all recreational teams must be formed by a draft process.
    • The draft process helps to even out the skill level on all teams. Each season we have new kids join the league. It can be a bit intimidating for new coaches, parents, and players to play against teams that have been playing together for a while seeming to give the seasoned teams a greater advantage.
  • How many players can be saved on a roster.
    • Each coach may save up to 4 players from the Spring 2017 roster to his/her Spring 2018 roster.
    • I did not coach in Spring 2017. Can I still save 4?
      • No. Only coaches who coached the previous spring may save players from that spring roster.
      • If a coach has stepped down or moved up an assistant coach or parent from that spring 2017 team may step up to head coach and save 4 from that team.
      • If the team has disbanded and 4 or less kids from the team remain, a parent may step up to coach the team and save those players.
    • I coached in Spring 2017 and Fall 2017. I had a player on my fall team that played on a different team in spring. He would like to play with me this spring. Can I save him?
      • No. The player will have to placed in the draft and the new coach will have to draft the team that player lands on.
    • I don't have 4 to save.
      • All new coaches and coaches with less than 4 players will have the highest ranked players placed on their team until they have 4 players locked in.
    • How do we notify the board of our saved players?
      • Coaches will receive a form to list saved players.
      • Coaches may only save players that have completed registration. (even if on a scholarship)
  • What if a coach / player does not want to return to their previous spring team?
    • Parents/Coaches will be able to opt to enter a player into the draft.
  • What if a player cannot attend evaluations.
    • Players who do not attend evaluations will be blindly drafted to a team and will not be eligible for a trade.
  • If I don't like the team my player is on can I get my money back and go somewhere else?
    • Refunds will not be given once teams are solidified.
    • We certainly understand disappointment in change and the anxiety that comes with it. We encourage everyone to give it a try and trust the board to help with the transition. We have a Coaches Agent, Players Agent, and Executive board that is committed to making this process a success for all involved.
  • The kids play better with kids / coaches they know. 
    • In theory yes this is true. TCYBA board certainly understands the value of teams staying together and creating memories as a team. All of us have been a part of a team that has played several seasons and we are also a little nervous about what the future holds as our own kids join new teams. We also know that baseball is a community sport (best ever!) and tends to bring us together. We tend to form new relationships and friendships. Kids are resilient and will make new friends on their team and show their new team what they learned from their previous coach. This is a value to coaches and kids alike.
    • The best way to think of it is it is like school! Each year the kids get a new teacher. Sometimes their friends are in their class and sometimes they are not. They still get to play at recess!
  • I'm fine with the draft as long as my kid does not play for "THAT coach"
    • As parents, TCYBA board can definitely relate to wanting to protect our child from someone that we may not necessarily agree with for a variety of reasons.
    • Our top priority is to protect the kids from injury and also from bad experiences. We have bylaws and codes of conduct in place to correct any bad behavior that may occur within the organization. Even with policies in place, we need your help. We will certainly do what we can to make sure everyone has a pleasurable experience, but we need to hear from you. If you have had less than favorable experience with a coach to the point you do not want your child on the team, please let us know asap so that we can address the situation tactfully and respectfully.
    • If you feel strongly that your child cannot play for a particular coach, please contact and schedule a meeting with the Coaches Agent and Players Agent to discuss. The Executive Board will ultimately make the final decision.

For more information watch this video

(We realize it is long, but it explains the entire process.)

For questions please contact:

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