6U – 8U Coach Pitch Rules

6U – 8U Coach Pitch Rules

USSSA Rules apply unless otherwise specified below:  

Home and Visitor

  • Dugouts are first come, first served.
  • Score Keeping
    • Home team will keep the official book. (provided by TCYBA at each field)
    • Visiting team will operate the scoreboard. (please request help if needed)



  • USSSA rules apply for player age eligibility.


    • Player eligibility violations will result in a team disqualification and forfeit.  Determination of violation may happen after the game is played. (Protest process to be published soon)
    • A team must start each game with a minimum of 8 players.
    • The absence of the 9th batter will NOT result in an out.
    • If a player is removed from the game due to an extreme illness or injury (up to the discretion of the umpire) an out shall NOT not be called in that batter’s absence.
    • Each team MUST bat their entire roster. Each team shall develop a batting order at the beginning of the game. A normal batting order is used (e.g. 1-12). Each player shall bat in order until 3 outs are registered in the inning, or 5 runs have scored.

Run rules

    • Offensive teams may score a maximum of 5 runs per half inning.
    • Mathematical elimination will appl.
    • If the visiting team wins by mathematical elimination, the inning will be completed giving the home team the final at bat.


  • Tie breaker
  • Games can end in a tie.



  • The scorecard is the official record of score for the game and must be signed by the umpire and both coaches..
  • Coaches who do not agree with the official score should not sign the score card and should protest immediately with a board member on site. Failure to protest score is acceptance of score reflected on the game card.


  • Offensive Coaches shall confine themselves to the dugout, with the exception of a third base, first base and pitching coach.  (*Pitching coach – 6U & 8U CP)
  • The coach not occupying the first or third base coach’s box shall remain in the area immediately outside the dugout. Roaming up and down the foul lines is not allowed.
  • Coaches may not make unofficial calls before the umpire has had the opportunity to make the call. For example, calling “safe” as the runner reaches the base.
    • First offense results in a warning
    • Second offense results in benching the coach for one inning
    • Third offense results in removing the coach for the remainder of the game.
  • Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their coaching staff and the parents and relatives of their players. Unsportsmanlike conduct is the umpire’s judgment, and shall be warned against once. The umpire has the authority to resolve the problem as he deems fit for continued unsportsmanlike conduct. – (coach, player, parent code of conduct will be signed at registration)
  • Malicious or intentional contact is not allowed. If a player is judged to be guilty of that infraction, he shall be determined out and disqualified from further play in that game. Penalties for this behavior shall be left up to the tournament director.
  • Must have teams prepared to play 15 minutes before their GAME START TIME. The umpires will be instructed to start games early if the field is clear and ready for play.

Coach Pitch – 6U and 8U

    • Coaches


  • 6U may have 2 coaches stand in the outfield behind 2nd base position and shortstop position. Coaches may not, at any time, step into the dirt. PENALTY: First offense = warning by umpire; Second offense = coach pitcher must be replaced.
  • A defensive coach (must 18 or older) may stand behind the catcher to help retrieve balls.
  • Coaches may not make contact with base runners during play. PENALTY: First offense = warning by umpire; Second offense = runner is out.


      • Once a player hits the baseball, the coach pitcher MUST LEAVE THE PLAYING FIELD until play has stopped and time is called by the ump.
        • PENALTY: First offense = warning by umpire; Second offense = coach pitcher must be replaced.
        • When an offensive player is hitting from the tee, the coach pitching will leave the field of play and the pitcher will stand on the pitchers rubber until the ball is in play.
    • Defense
      • Ten (10) players maximum on the field defensively. The 4 outfielders must remain in the outfield and cannot play in the infield. Thus, Rovers or “stacking players” is not allowed.
      • Free substitution in the field of play. The defensive team must play with a pitcher & a catcher.
      • The player pitcher must be behind the safety arc
      • The Pitching Coach can pitch anywhere in-between the 30’ Safety Arc and the 42’ Pitching Circle.
      • The umpire may request a coach to change pitching position if there is a risk of safety.
      • On overthrows, base runners may advance one base at their own risk. Limit of one overthrow per play (play stops after runner(s) advance 1 base at their own risk). Play stops when ball crosses base path from throw-ins from the outfield and in control of the defense. At this point, the umpire shall call TIME. Trailing runners may not advance when the lead runner has broken full stride. Play stoppage is at umpire’s discretion and is not subject to appeal.
    • Offense
      • No base on balls
      • No base award for hit by pitch
      • Infield Fly Rule is NOT in affect.
      • No lead off or stealing bases.
      • If a batted ball strikes the coach pitcher, it shall be considered a “Dead Ball, Foul Ball.”
      • If a coach pitcher intentionally interferes with a batted ball, the ball is dead and the batter shall be declared out.
      • A courtesy runner will be allowed for the catcher and is encouraged with 2 outs to speed up the game. The player eligible as the courtesy runner shall be the last batted out.
      • Stoppage of Play – the umpire shall declare “TIME” based on the following conditions
        • The ball is returned to the infield.
        • The ball is in control of an infielder.
        • The lead runner has stopped running, hesitated or broken stride. RUNNERS ARE NOT TO BAIT FIELDERS INTO RUNNING AT THEM OR THROWING BEHIND THEM. The intent of the rule is that all base runners regardless of hit balls or overthrows may advance to the next base or bases they are committed to until the defensive team has possession inside the bases. Once the defensive team has possession of the ball inside the bases, time/stoppage of play will be called and the runner may only advance to the base they are committed to. Committed means preceding to a base with full intent to advance without hesitation or stopping.
        • The runner shall not leave the base until the ball is batted and considered in play. Any runner that leaves the base early shall be declared out.
      • Time Limit
        • Game Time limits will be 1 hour and 15 minutes with maximum 6 innings in length.
        • No inning shall start with less than 5 min. Left on the clock.
        • Umpire has the official time.
      • 6U – Each batter will receive 5 pitches from a coach. A foul ball (not caught) on the 4th pitch (and beyond) shall not be counted as a swing. After the 5th pitch that qualifies as a swing, the batter will hit from the tee and have a max of 2 attempt/swing from the tee to put the ball in fair territory or the batter is out.
        • Batter is out if the last swing from the tee is missed or end in a foul ball.
        • A batted ball that strikes the coach pitcher is a dead ball and is treated as a foul ball (strike) and a counted pitch for the batter.  


  • Hit from the tee may result in at most a 2 base hit.  Baserunners may advance a max of 2 bases. (At their own risk / not awarded)


    • 7/8U- Each batter will receive 6 pitches or 3 swinging strikes. A foul ball (not caught) on the 6th pitch (and beyond) shall not result in an out. The batter will “stay alive” until a swing and a miss or the ball is in play
      • On overthrows, base runners may advance at their own risk

****No metal cleats in the following age groups: 6U-12U