Open Letter to the TCYBA Board

Dear TCYBA Board,

As we wrap up the Thanksgiving weekend and return to our off season activities, I want to take the time out to say a big “THANK YOU” to all of you.

After surviving Spring season 2017 each of you took the time to step out and step up to help pull things together. As many of you have known and have come to know, running a Youth Baseball league is not a small feat. So much time is spent coordinating, planning, and preparing for games and other events; setting up and taking down often using or buying our own materials; and meeting with various associations, vendors, and city officials. Sometimes this work can be sneaked into regular work hours, but is often done after hours interfering with personal/family time. Many meetings are completed later than desired which leads to cranky kids the next morning. I’m thankful not to have been alone.

Each of you have worn many hats this season as we endured on-the-job training. You have all come together as a team to help make some difficult decisions and execute plans and policies. Your contribution makes a significant impact on the program and the community.

Running a non-profit community organization puts us in a public facing spotlight; some of us more than others. In my case, the buck stops with me. When things are going well, I get the pats on the back. I want everyone to know that I appreciate the accolades, but it must be noted that I did not do any of this alone. So if things were great, they were great because of all of you. By the same token, when things go terribly wrong I definitely feel it. But when the chips are down I am able to lean on you for feedback and support in addressing the problem, picking up the pieces, and making the necessary adjustments to improve.

We have much more work ahead of us and it won’t be perfect or easy. But I thank you for your diligence, your resilience, your patience, and most of all your time. None of this can be done without you. You are recognized and appreciated more than words can say.


Joy Hampton

TCYBA President