The Colony Youth Baseball Association

2018 Kickball Rules

The Colony Youth Kickball League is intended to be a fun league for all participants. The rules have been written in a way that allows a fun and exciting league. Keep in mind this is a recreational level so there are few restrictions.

I. Uniform

  1. Players upon registration will receive a shirt corresponding with their team. This shirt is required to be worn to all league games by all participants.
  2. No open toed shoes/sandals are permitted.
  3. Athletic shorts/pants are recommended.

II. Rosters

  1. Participants will play in divisions based on grade level at time of registration.
  2. 4th through 5th graders will be placed in the Elementary League.
  3. 6th through 8th graders will be in the Middle League.
  4. Teams may have anywhere between 8 and 12 players on their roster.
  5. Rosters are due before the first game of the season.

III. Field

  1. Bases are 60 feet apart.
  2. Pitching Rubber will be 40 feet from home plate.
  3. A solid white line will be marked 20 feet from home plate indicating the no bunt zone. Balls that do not pass this line will result in a foul ball. If a defensive player gains control of the ball before it crosses the line it is a foul ball.
  4. A second line will be marked at 40 feet indicating all defensive player must be behind the line tell the ball makes contact with the kicker's foot.

IV. The Game

  1. Games will be 6 innings or 50 minutes whichever comes first.

V. Run Rule

  1. Teams are allowed to score 5 runs per inning in the elementary league and 7 in middle league.
  2. The game is over when there is a score differential of 11 after 4 innings or 6 after 5 innings for elementary. Middle is 15 after 4 innings or 8 after 5 innings.


  1. In the elementary league a coach of the hitting team will pitch to his or her players. The defense will still provide a pitcher to make plays after the ball is hit. The pitcher must not hinder the ball in any way this call is up to officials and will result in a re pitch.
  2. In middle school leagues a defensive player will pitch the ball. If the ball is within the batter's boxes it is a strike or if the batter swings and misses that is also a strike. A ball pitched outside of the boxes is a ball.
  3. The ball must be delivered in an underhand motion and released before crossing the rubber.
  4. A pitch that is bouncing when it crosses the plate is a ball.


  1. In Elementary leagues players receive 6 pitches from there coach or 3 kick attempts whichever comes first.
  2. Once the ball is kicked it can not be touched again by the batter while in fair territory this will result in a out.
  3. A foul ball occurs when the ball is not inside the two white lines or past the line discussed in section III. A foul ball will result in a strike unless there is two strikes in which case the count is not affected. In elementary a foul ball on the 6th pitch results in a out.
  4. A player is allowed 4 foul balls an at bat. Exceeding this results in a out.
  5. If a player receives 3 strikes they are out or 4 balls they are walked and get to go to first base.
  6. Pitch runners are allowed if the umpire determines them necessary.
  7. Leadoffs and steals are not allowed and will result in a out.


  1. A team must have 5 players to start a game failure to do so results in a forfeit. Teams may borrow players that are registered to other teams.
  2. All players must be in the batting order.
    8 players may be in the field at once (Pitcher, 1st Base, 2nd Base, Shortstop, 3rd Base, Left Field, Center Field, Right Field).
  3. Players may only sit 2 innings a game.


  1. The legal tag and throwing area will be from the shoulder and below. Absolutely NO THROWS TO THE HEAD ARE ALLOWED. Effect: A dead ball will be called and the runner hit in the head will be awarded the base they are attempting to reach and one (1) extra base; other runners move up as needed.
  2. If a player is hit (within the tag area) they are out.
  3. If a player is Tagged out or forced out going to a base (the legal tag area will be from the shoulder down) they are out.
  4. A player is out if their kick is caught by a defensive player in the air before it touches the ground.
  5. Three outs results in change of sides.

X. Additional Rules

  1. Game Balls are provided by the league
  2. Ejection of a player, coach, etc. may result from remarks to or about opposing players and officials, or anyone who commits other acts that could be considered unsportsmanlike. Penalty will be ejection from game and grounds, including parking lot.
  3. The umpire has the final call on all rules in the game.
  4. Standing will be kept for the end of season tournament which will be a single elimination style.

Raising Cain’s Fundraiser

By carlos | April 5, 2018 | Comments Off on Raising Cain’s Fundraiser

Help the league improve by doing something that you already love! Eat at our local Raising Cain’s on Saturdays and tell them that you are fundraising for TCYBA. Easy, right?!

Register for Spring 2018 Kickball Now!

By carlos | March 27, 2018 | Comments Off on Register for Spring 2018 Kickball Now!

  Registration Link Are you ready for a fun change of pace? Register now for the Spring 2018 kickball season. For more information, follow the link below: The Colony Youth Kickball League hosted by TCYBA

Dick’s Sporting Goods 2018 Shop Days and Coupons

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Dick's TCYBA Shop Day

Our partner, Dick’s Sporting Goods is offering discounts to TCYBA players this season. Be sure to take advantage of these offers and get geared up for a great season. Shop Feb 10th, Feb 24th and Mar 10th for 20% off store-wide! Click on the image below to get a printable image.  

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Important Dates and League Events

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“You could be a kid for as long as you want when you play baseball. “ – Cal Ripkin Jr.   TCYBA is a volunteer run organization dedicated to creating a great experience for the families in our community. We can’t do this without you. We need volunteers with a variety of skills and talents.…